Since 1997 Moglass, based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has been working and flowing in various freeform directions, timbrally oscillating between rock and jazz noise, spawning many non-exotically confounding sonic places on every turn of the way. They have released albums on Nexsound, PseudoArcana and U-Sound Archive, toured with Jackie-O Motherfucker and My Cat Is An Alien, and collaborated with Tom Carter & Vanessa Arn, Andrey Kiritchenko and Anla Courtis. Since 2008 Moglass operate their own label Nezvanova Nova and after several line-up expansions and contractions their sound now includes sax, drums, tabletop guitar, synths, and much else besides that.
Noah Coward are Yuri Kulishenko and Nastasia Terekhova from Moglass plus guitar player Andrij Orel (also a member of Riasni Drova, as well as involved in various Lviv-based improv soldier accidents). The band was formed in 2008 and takes song-singing aboard their lyrically disproportionate jazz house-on-wheels.
The music on this split release is taken from various 2009 recordings from both bands.

"Noah Coward exists since 2008, i think. We were friends with Yuri and Nastya from Moglass for a while and Yuri came up with the idea of playing together as a 3-piece which we did. We do mail collaborations and we play together whenever we visit each other. This is our serious and lyrical project. As opposed to Hokkei quartet, which is our more playful doom thing. Hokkei quartet did not make any appearances yet anywhere.
The Noah Coward's track on the split is made of stuff recorded by me at home alone, by us together at my home and then by Yuri and Nastya at their studio — at 3 different times. The Moglass track is completely live.
As Noah Coward, we're fond of melody and songs, and we're fond of music (as players and listeners) where these things manifest themselves in all sorts of ways, direct and indirect, and totally sideways as well, as not so obvious fragments and flows. So, for example, drumming can also appear as a kind of melody, as a chant even. Add this to a background in improvisation — not primarily as a modernist artistic invention, but more as something that we have been doing, each of us in our own way, since childhood, and which came to grow it's own face and force for us later, unrelated to any notion of genre. In Noah Coward we have been using songs ranging from medieval troubadour material to traditional folk and gospel things from England and the States. I like the state of music where a song can start literally at any moment, but can also decide to hang by the doorstep for a while and not necessarily come in or out…"

— Andrij Orel (Noah Coward)

"I like to imagine myself as a windsurfer while standing in the public bus with my hands raised up."
— Oleg Kovalchuk (Moglass)

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