Here you have a free download thing or free CDR/book with other purchases from the PseudoArcana label. Artists that appear on this in some form or another include: Street, Antony Milton, The Real Life Tragedies, Clay Man in the Well, Superbugger, Perales/Milton, Birdcatcher, The Stumps, Keijo, Temples, Agitated Radio Pilot, Nether Dawn, Sunken, AAN, Formatt, seht, CJA, Sam Hamilton & Chris O'Connor, The Green Blossoms, Swung, 6majik9, Wire Thicket, MHFS, Pefkin, Birchville Cat Motel, Pumice, Zelienople, Tim Coster, Stern/Guerra, Nova Scotia, Peter Wright, Ben Reynolds, The Skaters, The Once and Future Herds, Dreams of Tall Buildings, Ben Spiers, Edward Ruchalski, The Moglass, The Wooden Cupboard, Goh Lee Kwang, Ashtray Navigations, 1/3 Octave Band, Dead Raven Choir, Seen Through, A.M, Del, Uton, Paintings of Windows, The Futurians, G-Frenzy, Armpit and Simon Wickham-Smith.

Such huge mix would sound more spicy with some story behind so as usually asked for it it's creator. Info from Antony Milton — in his own words:

At pretty much exactly the moment when it seems that CDs and CDRs are disappearing forever into the barren ghostlands of obsolete and justifiably discarded formats PseudoArcana finds itself recognized by the mainstream New Zealand art establishment.

An exhibition was put together by a state funded art gallery specifically to honour obscure underground record labels and a major part of it was given over to Campbell Kneales (defunct) Celebrate Psi Phenomenon and my own label PseudoArcana. Whilst this was something of an honor I think both of us were a little perplexed — I mean what a boring exhibition! It was always about sound and about records and resolutely not about gallery spaces. But its silly to complain- we got a small amount of money and it is nice to be recognized.

As part of this I was induced — psychologically pressured — to attend a record fair as part of this so as to set up a stall to sell my wares. It was evident to me that there was no way that this could reimburse me for the cost of my tickets to Wellington and back but it WAS an opportunity to visit friends as well.

As the deadline approached I got more and more stressed out trying to finish off a couple of new releases and get them ready to take up with me to the fair. As if this wasn’t enough 2 days before my flight I got the crazy notion to do a special release especially FOR the fair — something that could be a give away to people who didn’t know the label and wanted to find out more, or to those who bought a goodly number of things.
I had always wondered what it would sound like if all of the PseudoArcana titles were playing at the same time — all layered up into some fantastic woozy soup — a rainbow of noise. I decided that this was the time to find out and layered up a track from each of the records that was represented on my hard-drive. (This was not all of the label — some titles are lost forever due to a PC crash a couple of years ago). I think I wound up with 80+ tracks.

To give it at least a veneer of listenability I put field recording based tracks at the beginning, noisier ‘rocking’ tracks in the middle, and quiet drone tracks at the end. Listening back I was amazed at how good it actually sounded. I edited out a couple of boring sections but really its pretty much as it came out layering stuff to that basic field-noise-drone formula with no post production at all and every track the same volume level.

I got a rush job done by my printers of a booklet to go with the CDR — a reprint of an article I wrote a couple of years ago about the history of the label. I finished burning and stapling the copies to take with me something like 15 minutes before leaving home for the airport.

Antony Milton/PseudoArcana

To get some more info on NZ scene visit the Audio Foundation site.

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