Actually when you look for something intensively, it's almost impossible today to fail… But sometimes people can't find time to do their reach-outs. And there comes the concept of newsletter. Let it be praised.
Alongside with info on brand new physical releases Antony Milton / PseudoArcana brought to you these tunes:

"Recorded in Punakaiki, a small beach town on the wild and rugged West Coast of the Sth Island of New Zealand in 2006. I consider this one of my best albums. It was originally scheduled for CD release on a label that after several years of promising imminent release eventually folded a few months back. This release was intended as the first in a new series devoted to a subjective documenting of various NZ landscapes, of which the Arthurs Pass based 'Summit is Fragile' LP was the 2nd installment. There are plans to record the next in the series next April in Central Otago. Tapes Punakaiki is a collection of songs, drone pieces and field recordings recorded in the bush and on the shore at Punakaiki over a one week period. It was recorded using 2 cassette walkmans and occasional loop tapes to enable live overdubbing 'in the field'.
A cassette release is also on the way for folks who simply cannot stomach the digital sphere…"

"Another lost record, much hyped at the time, but then shelved. This one from 2007/2008. Despite the title its actually a fairly buoyant sounding and at times blissed out POP record. Its that 'pop' aspect of it that had me somewhat confused about how exactly to go about releasing it and so its just wound up sitting on the shelf. I mean its all songs with hooks and choruses etc.. Some of it was kind of influenced by the saturated pop of Jesu and similar acts but really its an amalgam of my own songwriting with ALL of my pop influences and I spent months trying to make it sound as good as possible.
One thing that has made me feel vaguely uncomfortable about releasing it is the overt and nakedly angst ridden nature of the lyrics. I had set out to write an entire album about the state of eco-politics at the time (somewhere around the time of the inevitable backlash against what had looked like a possible green revolution (after Gores film etc)) and that's what you get.. Haha. But don't let that put you off. I stand by the lyrics — for the most part — but I'm posting this here for the music more than to preach.. So shimmering guitars and big goofy bass lines and pop beats and hooks."

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