@Sturmundrugs: "Caligine presents its first full-lenght effort in un-folk deconstruction. Distorted fiddles collide with waves of recursive fingerpicking, acid narratives and warm strings interacting; balanced between the idea of song and the opposite calm disorder, struggling against the impossibility of improvisation, filling old folds of frequencies with new content, always unnumbered and unknown, Caligine is a collective based Everywhere and populated by no One."
Not long time ago Gabriele/Caligine travelled the world with some equipment and while being here and there had collected some impressions which weren't taken home, but almost immediately recorded, keeping instant mood. Being asked about some story behind new release, Gabriele said: "It's about places, mostly. England, Nepal, sometimes at the sea, sometimes rivers… The last song is a tribute for Jack Rose, I recorded the day he died. In common it's a journey record, all recorded on trip, not in studio. And the fourth song Arida II is the second part of a song from my previous EP."
Check player and flow thru 31 mins. of fragile (un)folk, places and feelings.

CDr available from Sturmundrugs.

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