When beautiful turboactive duo Vialka was preparing their Asian tour in the beginning of 2010, Eric Boros already knew that they'll meet in China local band that stole my attention year ago — Song Yuzhe and his Dawanggang project are my personal favs alongside with Xiao He from one side and wild Archival Vinyl-based experimenters from another. China is quite unknown for me in musical sense and due to it i was really glad to hear that Eric and Marylise will not only meet guys from Dawanggang, but will also share a stage. And after these shows followed a small jam. Nobody seems was ready for such improvisational move and when guys from world-wide known Chinese band Hanggai also appeared onstage i think sound-engineers of Tiny Salt club should pray for equipment's health. Later Eric wrote few words and here's 15 mins audio document from that place (yes, this is a player, just move yr mouse over the pic):

"Dawanggang is a new-folk music project of the lively and eccentric Song Yuzhe, a Beijing-based musician originally from North-East China. Song used to play in Wood Pushing Melon (Mutuigua), who had developed a good following around Beijing, but left in 2002 to go travelling in the far-west of China. He spent the next eight years recording, filming, and learning with and from musicians in Tibet and Xinjiang — coming back a different person. Dawanggang is the manifestation of this, and recent live performances have featured audio and video documentation from his travels. Multi-insrumentalist, I saw Song play acoustic guitar and a custom-made fretless instrument that looked like a banjo. Unlike many modern Chinese musicians Song Yuzhe doesn't live from his music, and considers it to be his form of meditation. He performs like regularly but despite having several albums in the works, has yet to release any of them. Song would eventually prefer to lead a nomadic lifestyle in the countryside, but for the time being he plans to share his time between Beijing and Berlin."
— Eric Boros

Song Yuzhe

"Drawing on the musical traditions of ancient China, Central Asia, and contemporary rock, Song Yuzhe’s compositions are a heady mix of the wild and the spiritual. In his ten years playing Beijing’s independent music scene Song has dipped into folk, religious music, and the experimental, forging a highly-charged style of his own..."
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