Once there was lightning and we all faced the Elegy for Native Tongues album recorded by Japanese team Tetragrammaton (mentioned collabs with Zeni Geva, Acid Mothers Templiers, Taj Mahal Travellers and Damo Suzuki). That was a more than strong approvement of the almighty power Eastern Capital, Honshū could provide. After PSF said their word, Subvalent goes to shake that thing further more. Current worldwide avant-scene would look quite bleak without Japanese bands. More to say — it'd be fckn incomplete…Guy behind the abbreviation TOMO (Transcendental Organic Magical Objective) is a self-sufficient project related to Tetragrammaton. It's not so psyched/droned, but beautiful from another side. It deals more with free-folkish things, fingerpicked and hurdy-gurdied, think of Higgs versus those "new weirds" if you'll need pidgin-holed reflections. Looong tunes without horizons, wandering borderless sound and tons of beauty. Deeply in love. None will say more about sounds than 'em itself, but nevertheless — for those who suck seeds thru eyes —

@Subvalent: "…Known primarily for his hurdy gurdy and saxophone work with Japanese free drone-psych unit Tetragrammaton and for collaborations with other Japanese artists such as Junzo Suzuki (Miminokoto, Acid Mothers Temple), Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro, C.C.C.C.) and À qui avec Gabriel, Tomo makes a confident return to the eclectic solo guitar playing of his earlier years. During an eight-year stint in small-town Missouri in his late teens, Tomo discovered blues, country, bluegrass, ragtime, Hawaiian music and Dixieland jazz, learning guitar picking styles from a local banjo player and record collector of old Americana. In the years to follow, his interest in folk music and tuning systems spread to other instruments, and he became a proficient player of the oud, saz, sitar, banjo, violin, biwa and—more recently—hurdy gurdy and soprano saxophone…" (full story here)

And hey there those who got into the thing — Tetrgrammaton prepared their second brain-implant release this month via Utech label so be warned, armed and thankful.


I think i have to buy myself a helmet.

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