With winter getting closer there's an opposite rising activity from the North — beloved Finnish underground posting more news and one of the freshest comes from Vapaa. Tiitus upped to their MySpace 3 new tracks (provided here for streaming too) and we chated a bit about their "right-nows":

"We have a gig in Tallinn on next friday (Nov 12)… And while we practised for this gig, we recorded some new stuff. It sounded good, so we decided to release it straight away as a very limited home-dubbed tape edition. Just to have something to sell in Tallinn. This tape sounds a little bit like "academic free improv" or art music. Even though it's not academic or art at all. Small sounds and loose structures played with violin, percurssions, sax and with some other instruments."

"These new songs in MySpace were recorded last winter in Tampere. There were a lot of people in this recording session. For example: Keijo, Uton, 3V, Kulkija, me and Love Cult from Russia. We have many hours of recordings from that session and it would be nice to get some of it released as an LP, or in some other format in the future."

So don't you worry, people, and meanwhile listen to new stuff!

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