These guys are certain off-takers, closer-seeers, sweat-dreams-pears, low-bow-tears & have-no-fears….

About: "Out of our nor eastern sparkling sea city comes damaged free psych swim and spaced out inward clean streams of meaning nothing is everywhere all the time, the way this one rolls from the out it is more space than signifier, all growling gentle sines and filters, building their temple a wide mind upon waves of schism and perfect void."

Brisbane, Australia’s Blank Realm are decidedly international. The four-piece improv/color-noise band’s releases fit comfortably on L.A.’s Not Not Fun, while their trashed grandeur nestles right in on Eagle Rock’s DIY imprint. It would seem that the heat-drenched Brisbane scene from which they mutate is not worlds apart from the streets of LA. Then again, read-moar/full story @messandnoise. Or even some moar @tinymixtapes...

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