1st swallow. Beautiful album of species, spirits and extra-realities. Wonderthing. "Music Your Mind Will Love You" spine number 97...

@Digitalis: "Evening Fires is a quartet of Pennsylvanians, featuring members of Clear Spots and Nessmuk, as well as the brains behind the Deep Water Acres website & label. They're busy guys, but still found the time last summer and fall to crank out a set of backporch jams and slipstream electric boogaloos. They get help on banjo and mandolin on a few tracks, too, beefing up the downhome goodness."

@Mats Gustafsson: "An mostly instrumental forest exploration that offers up little snippets of some long lost forest folk album(s). Shimmery and pastoral, hypnotic and transcendent free folk that spin a repetitive sound web that seems to unite the Music Your Mind Will Love You collective and the Irish Deserted Village label with some of the finest things on Digitalis. The sounds fly majestically over sun-drenched meadows and summer-clad forests like a flock of birds playing in the wind. Evening Fires, that includes members of the Clear Spots and Peacefeather, weave a delicate world of surprisingly structured folky clatter and Appalachian countryside, simply strummed guitars, lilting finger picked melodies, little bursts of primitive percussion, weary flute, bits of hazy drones and organ that wheeze out short mournful melodies that float just above the whirling background ambience."

@Facebook: "From their secret den in a northern Appalachian forest, Evening Fires brew up a rich blend of wide-spectrum rural psychedelia, with ingredients ranging from earthy folk sounds to cosmic drones to full-on rock freakouts."

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