Got good looking news from Russian/Finnish cooperators Veli-Matti, Sergey and Jozik drivers Dmitri and Sasha. One more collab to soothe winter twilights.

@Jozik: "The A side of this almost 60 minute long cassette is Finland's Kutomo, a project of Finland's Veli-Matti Ikävalko. Kutomo brings a bunch of songs based around layers of different instruments and vocals, creating a very intense, even shogaze-like psychedelic folk music. The B-side is Russia's Bedroom Bear aka Sergey Dmitriev, who continues in the same vein as Kutomo, but with less folky, more synthesizer driven atmospheres. Droney synth loops and melodica, all dwelling in delay. The music on this tape could probably be what they call "new New Age": it's peaceful, inspiring and relaxing, yet it has nothing to do with what your mom listens to for stress management. The cassette comes in beautiful handmade carton packaging with an artwork by Diana Vishnevskaya. Limited to 49 copies."

You can spend your €4 here.

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