I wanted to put here these sounds and links seems like a year ago. But placing clean links... It ain't no feng shui anymore.... Damn lame of me.
As usually, after a months of brain wag there appeared a sudden (ha) decision to ask for help from friends, who got interested in topic too. There are some, but the one presented below was most talkative (thanx, A!). Here's his attempt at an ode from an in-house node alongside with cewl psych-n-roll tunes from wonderful Moscow Pan-Universal AWOTT:

"Steady it goes, the rock-a-nought shop boys' ship, the motorik freundschaft cisternalium of Asian Women on the Telephone. Arms-legs-torso-necks flash forth in dub's syndrome fits, oblivious to the dumb, random law-mongering darkness that creeps around. They've got enough pressure, enough dog fuzz stunts and enough proclamatory detritus of their own to give all your little boo-hoos a polar-teddy silver enema to ride on. Never the ones to take "locked" or "unlocked" as a final word, these workers stay focused yet unstuck, body parts protruding against/past each other and plugged into hidden ad-hoc stocks of fire, gravy and muesli. And so the vehicle marches gently, in a steamy and righteous goat trance."

@NotForResale: "Asian Women on the Telephone is a Moscow-based junkyard art punk improv noise outfit whose self-styled 'purist Dada' experimentalism is very Throbbing Gristle in feel, if not exactly sound — a shifting clanking, urban dronescape, channelled through multiple pedal manipulation with all sorts of bizarre vocals shrieked, hissed, and cackled at intervals through some of the tracks."

Full length things straight from the band. Free downloads included alongside with 1 buy link. Feel free to skip left and right and go up and down. And take care.

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