This album was found at rich fields of FMA and suddenly became kinda hit at our work place. Movie mood, these tracks bringing, appeared to be so stimulative. Have to share.

Cobra (avec logo panthère), or something like Cobra (with Panther brand), is a project formed by Jason and Dimi, two Swiss neighbors, the guitarist and bassist from a former metal band called Lest. The duo provides an electroacoustic music orchestrated around the guitar and bass guitar. They propose a kind of grandmother music, or elevator music, quiet and refined, freely minded.
The first piece, Tumbleweed, was conceived as a soundtrack of a western that does not exist. Another piece, Prud'Hommes, was chosen by director Stephane Goël as soundtrack for a documentary talking about the labor court in Switzerland. This film was in competition at last Locarno Film Festival.
Cobra (avec logo panthère) does not focus on a style, just wants to have fun and, why not, create more soundtracks...

"Western moderne, musique d’ascenseur, pub pour dames, mélodies de série rose ou d'enterrement de première classe, l’inspiration du duo varie au gré des informations boursières, et aussi du temps, ma p’tite dame."

Guys are in reach via these links:
Cobra @ MS (frozen)

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