Maybe this could sound weird, but even MP3 net-releases could became if not literally OOP, then at least unavailable. In common sense. That's how this Keijo's album came up here… Back in your town.
"At Ease" originally was released in 2005 on the short-lived Tulipesä net-label run by Pentti Dassum. Keijo had not known Pentti and had not known of Tulipesä when he received an email from him asking whether he had anything that could be released as a net-album. So Keijo chose these tracks and sent them. Pentti liked them, and there they went. Keijo managed somehow in the process to delete the original recordings from his computer, so for a while they only existed on that CDr he had sent to Pentti. Later, when Pentti visited Jyväskylä in March 2005, he met Keijo for the first time and gave him a copy of the original disc. Eventually Tulipesä somehow disappeared, but in the meantime Pentti did some further work with Keijo (booking a Kheta Hotem gig, taking care of their sound in concert, producing a master from Jukka & Keijo recordings which will soon be released on wax).

This re-up features artwork by Sergey Khvostenko.

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