One of most interesting Moscow underground acts with their brand new hour+ epic message. Limits annihilation run amok.
@RAIG: "AWOTT refined and condensed their vision to produce the band’s most precise album to date with ICanT. But don’t be mistaken: they still blend elements of kraut, psyche, industrial, and avant-garde with a sound that has you quite goosy. However, everything has come together to make sense, and works in a more consistent, more focused manner. Almost pure instrumental tour-de-force that should make evil fans of both Faust and The Residents happy."

Though ICanT was set for free both at FMA and AWOTT's Bandcamp, physical thing is available. Limited to 100 pcs, professionally duplicated CDr comes inside a hand-made silkscreen pentagon folder (red-grey-white/red-black-bue colors over black cardboard & red-black-blue colors over white cardboard).

More AWOTT sounds — here.

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