This post was ready months ago. I won't say why it was so damn postponed. I just want to put it up. Press play and read the monologue from one cool Italian guy. Note: these tracks are for whole Sturmundrugs label activity. To get closer to Donato's solo works follow the Bandcamp links under albums' names.

"Since I was a child I’ve always had a deep interest toward arts and nature; I’ve spent my days drawing animals, dreaming spatial adventures and inventing strange songs. Growing up, I’ve started to dig these natural inclinations of mine: I’ve studied music for a lot of years and after several experiences in different musical fields, I’ve returned into a more instinctive and spontaneous way of making music; I love to be surprised by the unpredictability of the sound, I try to explore it and through it to express the deepest core of mine and how it is related and influenced by the things around, nothing else. I think I’ve start this phase of my new creative course with the composition of my first solo album After Dinner Black Out, that I see as a sort of “purification” from my precedent approach to music and life, even if the sound of this album is really different from what I’ve recorded after. My research has continued developing a sound that could be described as a sort of hybrid between psychedelia, prog, folk, drone, cosmic and electronic music; in several cases I focus my attention on a single element of the sound… The tape Men Have Always Eaten Their Gods is, for example, e meditative drone work while Three Different Kind of Poison could be considered like a free/freak folk album with a lot of strings instruments.
At now I think my best representative albums is Sounding the Sun, inside it you can find all the elements of my music. I’ve played and recorded it in only a week (mixage and mastering included), in a sort of trance. Every time I listen to it I’m able to discover new things, I like not having the total control on what I’m playing: I let the music flows through me and I’ve just to capture and fix it. The recording sessions are often easy and instinctive , but I can spend a lot of time in the phase of postproduction, trying to give a definitive form to what I’ve played during the impros.
The language and the form can change but the essence of my creativity remains the same.
Supercontinent is, without any doubt, an evolution of the sound of Sounding the Sun.
The idea of this tape was born in my mind time ago but I have wanted to expect the summer to start the recording sessions. The album is a concept on the Pangaea and it want to describe this ancestral continent as if you were watching it along a river with a wood boat.
Differently from Sounding the Sun, in Supercontinent there are more synthesizers, samples and processed sounds than guitar, flutes and percussions …the result is these hypnotic/ambient compositions.
I’ve found in the Stunned records the perfect home for this work: Phil is a good friend and I love the way I run his label. It’s an honor for me to be on his roster.
In these last days I got another release out, a split LP (shared with my good friend Michael Jantz/Black Eagle Child) on Blackest Rainbow: my side is made up of three tracks of crafted guitar work recorded between winter 2008 and winter 2010 at various destinations in Italy. For these compositions I’ve used a variety of guitar sounds and techniques together with field recordings and soft touches of flutes, percussions and organ. It shows well what is at now my approach to the folk/psychedelic music.
Now I’m trying to find the peace and the concentration for completing a new album that will be more focused on acoustic guitar compositions, it will be titled Rubisco. I’m working on it from a long time but in a very discontinuing way because I’m usual to deviate my attention on others ideas. Sturmundrugs, label for example, has a lot of my time and energy but I’m really satisfied of how things get on: as you could see, I recently produced four new albums that I am really proud of: the debut album of Pürple Zhrö, the first full length of Caligine, and the new works by Deep Magic and Architeuthis Rex. I really think they are all great albums. For the close future I have in program albums by Afternoon Brother, Panabrite, Holy Strays, The Away Team, Yami Kurie, Francesco Giannico, Hexlove and much more… So stay tuned!"


PS there's an interview with man @FoxyDigitalis

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