In grass we brass!
Release notes: "Two New York based, wind-instrument-inspired duos team up for their most powerful work to date. Each side is blessed in it's own right, and will stand the test of time. On their side of the tape, trumpet duo Grasshopper explores new territory by stepping back from their usual angular harsh noise, and instead creates more subdued melodic dronescapes, balancing mournful trumpet obbligatos with walls of crushing feedback inspired by classic zombie films. Twisty Cat's side is a perfect compliment, matching Grasshopper's brass with woodwind instrumentation. These tracks nearly blend into one another, creating a slow moving vortex that gradually envelopes your psyche. Greg Fox (GDFX, Liturgy, Teeth Mountain) sits in on drums for the second track, and brings out the best in Twisty Cat's exquisite rhythms."

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