OOP CDr from young collective from Moscow, released by favorite Russian label Full Of Nothing (день ото дня люблю вас крепче).

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Wrist have made a long way of permutations from noise-drone duo to a sextet (at maximum) incorporating musicians which were spotted in bands like Magical Unicellular Music, Bosch With You, Little G, Analog Sound, Kira Lao... However 'like" may be a wrong word as maybe Wrist is only common ground between all these bands. Musically Wrist people insisted that they were playing drone, and their first release confirms it — as we may hear droning bass, definitely droning didjeridoo, sax&guitar drones.. do the drums drone there also? Worth checking. Being constantly redefining themselves after taking on board new sax and guitar players they trend now for more dronejazz things with still ambient and shoegaze appeal — as you may feel from their new video which rhymes Jan Švankmajer short films and live record from DOM club. New records are promised.

@FONO: "Their drone has a little bit of rock and their rock has a lot of droning. They use heavy bass and guitar plus lots of unrecognizable whirring and buzzing to set a frame — then they get wild. There's free sax and there's didgeridoo and of course loud psychedelic guitar fuzz with very simple drums. All documented in a concentrated studio setting, good thick jams are left to grow."

Download album either from the player or from Wrist's official blog.

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