This 14 short tracks 23 mins MP3 net-release was out in 2005, since when i couldn't forget those impressions it brought to all our workplace (we used to spin it seems round hours)… As it often happens, one day these mp3s went lost alongside with my entire HDD. Pushed up with very warm memories later i tried to check if this compilation is still available, but well you know, somehow it wasn't. For the moment at least. Official Hippocamp label's site (despite it's operating no more) still offers huge amount of past releases, but no Darjeeling thing was detected… Couple of days ago (not so suddenly as it could be but nevertheless) this tender story popped right into my ears again — guys backuped it (to order nerds' attention — no tags, no info at all). So get it either from archive (20 MB zipped) or from player in this post (all artists metadataed). Original release had no artwork so this one is pure Darjeeling-connected improv.
The story is — right from recorder-holder-release-compiler Damien Shingleton:
"I made some field recordings in Darjeeling, most significant of which were those of a blind Nepalese beggar at the Chowk Bazaar and the family at the Tenzing restaurant on Burdwan Road.
I was apprehensive about recording the beggar, afraid of looking like a tourist vulture. As you can hear in the recording, I don't think he knew he was being recorded although a friend of his explained afterwards.
The family are Gelong Bhutia, Tenzing Wongmo, Yangchen Dolker (15) and Tenzing Loden (12). I suggested recording Gelong after hearing him when he was at work. I came back the following day and he had prepared the rest of the family to sing as well. Gelong was especially happy for particular songs to be recorded because he is one of the many Tibetan failies in exile, and he hope to preserve something of Tibetan culture.
You can contact Gelong with sensitive feedback and good wishes at
When I recorded the family, they were keen to hear Louise sing, so there's an improptu version of Heather (hc044). You can contact Louise in the same way at
Please do NOT use any of these recordings for samples or commercial release. Note that technically I own the copyright and will act to properly protect the interests of the artists involved and would wish to see them properly reimbursed and credited, please respect this as they have no ther real recourse. You can contact me at
All songs were recorded in January 2005."

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