WHNZ is proud to present Dystonic Stones, a "here and now" project by Aldo Becca, inspired by life and work of Edward Leedskalnin.

"I want to dedicate the three parts of this work to Elettra, and my family, that picked up me away from the demons they consist of.
And want to thanks very much all the dudes who participated playing on them.
I want also to say thanks so much to Mr. Edward Leedskalnin, his vision of love, so poetic and strong, will survive over our institutional art and politics, being stones, free from all, and similar to stars.
Thank u listener, have some patience, I suggest u to have a breath between parts [1-2-3].
Drop me a line at, if u like to… for anything.

— Aldo Becca

Thanks very much to:
Giovanni Lami & Dario Boldrini: more concrete sounds on track 2-4
Michele Mazzani (Dona Ferentes): marcificator on track 7
• Matteo Poggi (Suburban Howl): more noise guitars on the end of track 3 and on the beginning of 8
• Antonio & Lauraballa (Architeuthis Rex): instrumental on track 5
• Arianna: voice reading martyrs list on track 3
• Debora: Female voice loop on track 1
• Gabri Gotini (Trashsound): DIY wave generators on track 1
• Andy: piano notes on track 1
Michela Minguzzi for her dance concept built on Obligated Orbitals
Palustre records

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