Recorded in New Jersey, New York and Toronto, Ontario between March and July 2011. Features field noise and samples recorded by Alpha Couple during their US tour, and samples from Toronto radio stations. "15 Americans (Rothko on the Other Side of the Room)" and "Jasper Johns", are remixes of songs that appear on Alpha Couple's previous release, "Stalingrad". These remixes are a reaction to finding, during a time of deep disturbance, a Rothko painting hanging across the room from a Jasper Johns painting in the the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Many samples on WHNZ:27:NJNYC are taken from an answering machine tape found in a junk shop in Manhattan's Chinatown. This EP is dedicated to Micha Gutwilik; "Car Song" was recorded in Micha Gutwilik's driveway.

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