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3" CDr
This young gentleman is a tireless sound sculptor/explorer who has been doing field recordings since the age of 9! If you haven't seen See You In Sleep blog, you're yet to be amazed by how much time, effort and precision this man puts into exploring the sounds around him. This is passionate experimental sound-design of today. 100% not high-minded. A research on an everyday basis. A life-long installation, dotting i's, crossing all t's. Hand-cut cardboard sleeves with acrylic prints. Edition of 50.

A fresh and vibrant stream coming from Petrozavodsk, Karelia, thanks to our dear local provider. This album has been recorded over an old tape, pressing REC/STOP any time Sasha felt like. Not really bothering to calculate track/side lengths, there's no soundwork either (except the lowest-finest). No clear concept throughtout the record, all tracks are first takes. Delayed guitar compositions erupt into creepy organ washes, interrupted by poppy instrumentals with Ariel Pinkish cardboard drumming and even a raga-esque acoustic guitar piece. Are we alright? Naples yellow/orange covers with drawings by the artist himself. Edition of 50.

Cassette + zine
On the reversed-pyramid-side of this tape you will find Banana Pill, a young Russian-Finnish family residing in Helsinki. You kind of know what to expect already, right? Their drones are fragile and nostalgic. Layered melodic pieces, cascading synth patterns, violin and guitar and a little bit of delayed pizzicato grooving. A purest emotion shining though the sound. As simple and as cool as that. The lone French psych-head Calypso Borealis is occupying the paper-plane-side. Kindest, softest, yet murky as mist compositions bring the coolest evening sofa experiences. Chilling mix of synths, field recordings, kalimba - one can only guess what else. We don't even know this guy's name but the stuff he's been putting out is top notch! Each cassette comes with a tiny 8-page zine with drawings by Ivan. There are many color variations. Edition of 100.

3" CDr
Moscow's Arabian Horses dance on the edge or 'plain weird' and 'fucking good'. Oh, how many times have I seen people's reactions to their live shows! It's always like: "What the hell are they trying to do? No, wait... this shit is getting huge!" The duo have it all: excessive drinking, goofiness, bored/lazy moans, pointless strumming - but add heavy floor tom drumming and black wall of guitar distortion to the mix. Straight to tape, very lo-fi and intense. Here and now. All in 17 minutes. Top notch raw tribal psychedelia. Red paper covers and spray-painted CDrs. Edition of 50.
* Hopefully still available directly from Arabian Horses. Maybe search thru some distros would also be useful.

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