Unclassic hits from Argentinian frantic duo is here. Take off your skin and dance around your bones, folks.

Magische Kette: unreleased track recorded around 2007/2008 sessions for "n+, n 1ti 7k" album.
(Müriscia: voices, drums and smk system. Aphra: criolla guitar, amp destruction, wavy fx and recording)

Gata Peluda: unreleased track from 2007. Recorded live at another dimension.
(Müriscia: meditation. Aphra: egtr and underground contact mics)

Untitled/Untilted: unreleased live track from 2006 (none remembers where!).
(Müriscia: vox and drum. Aphra: egtr)

RahmmaReerhoRaä: unreleased track from 2007 for "A Classic Movie Ever Filmed".
(Müriscia: vox and all kind of strange sounds and phenomena (includes talk with the cat, magic lights, hits on a box, cymbal, dematerialization, rings over bells... etc). Aphra: egtr, koufenqin and pissed and gagged man)

ZOOMFRIED: special 2011 track frying a chicken milanesa.
(Müriscia: watching tv. Aphra: cook and icebox)

Tetaedro 2: unreleased track from 2007 for the "Hell Om, Hell Off, Hell You!" session album.
(Müriscia: think i supposed smoking' a cigarette in somewhere... Aphra: amplifiers feedback treatments. Ctzen: drums)

1-3 mm excerpt: unreleased 2005 live track from "Centro cultural de estacion provincial", La Plata/Buenos Aires.
(Müriscia: vox, smk system and sampler. Aphra: toc-toc, microcassette recorder and dancing with the faint public)

Fä(r)m: unreleased track recorded in an empty swimming pool a hottest warm summer 2006 at the farm... But luckily for him, Aphra plays guitar using a cool fan over it.
(Müriscia: vox and organ. Aphra: egtr. Ctzen: drums)

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