Always kept an eye on everything Steven R. Smith was involved into and to hear that his Ulaan Khol project just released 4th album is a huge joy.

@ Soft Abuse: "La Catacomb, purloined from a great abyss of uncertainty, is finally among us. The fourth album proper from Smith’s blisteringly psychedelic “power trio” guise, La Catacomb languished for a few years awaiting release from this label & that before landing at Soft Abuse HQ. La Catacomb is the perfect follow-up to Ulaan Khol’s Ceremony trilogy, offering more smoulder than flame, more rumination than provocation. Smith's meticulously-crafted heavy drones & drift have rarely sounded this harmonic and zoned. Once again, he's pushed further out. Edition of 200, with gratis download."

Get it from label.

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