Very strong psychedelic move from faraway-so-close South American dudes. This awesome krautpleaser is still will be available ASAP (about the beginning of January i believe), so enjoy this previews and check the news.

@Pakapi: "Popolus Aheno is the fruit of a long time collaboration between GMC and Ø+yn (pronounced "omasin"), which marks the opening release for Pakapi records, a new Argentinian label, which will be focused on releasing/promoting South American artists."

Ø+yn: the heart of band is based in Córdoba, Argentina. Their experiments began five years ago, combining different kinds of musical methods: acoustic, electronic, improvised and composed on the editing process. A purple atmosphere is created by this mixture that reminds the sound of folk rock bands from the 60-s and 70-s.
GMC: artist from La Plata, Argentina. His solo project is based on the hard studio work, using extended techniques for the sound manipulation and composing, alternating between acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic devices. He also was involved in My3yeah (duo with Tomas Müller) and the early formation of Vlubä.

Some links:
Pakapi records (1 step to open)
GMC @MySpace
Ø+yn @Soundcloud

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