EOK [2012] WHNZ:36:PEPR

Second release for Eok, the solo venture of Oleg Kovalchuk from the Ukrainian improv greats Moglass. "Persha prohrama" means "The first channel" in Ukrainian. This sends us to the state radio station which every citizen can hear from their speakers built in the every apartment of 5, 9 or 16-floor buildings of every block in the cities. The music broadcasted through those is nice and simple, mostly classic or folk. The radio shows of the first channel of the state radio are teaching us how to be kind and healthy or how to grow cucumbers in winter. The state propaganda on these stations fills 9000% of casting time. It whispers aloud the documents are being discussed in the Rada (fake parliament) while you are sleeping. Eok first channel is some kind of the radio to be.

Performers: Antonina K (piano, analog synth) and Oleg K (guitar, turntable, devices).
Recorded in 2011, mastered in 2012.

Non-Flash streaming for iOS available at Bandcamp.

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