Wonderful news from NZ here we have! If there's doubt — check main song. Pick it up and check. Link to label's page in the end of notes will show no album info yet, maybe coz this release mentioned to be out... TOMORROW. You have 1 day for preparations, folks. Get ready for brilliant psychedelic lo-fi songs and prepare even for more than these 9 tracks. It's sorta teaser!
Release notes: "In recent times 59 year old Finnish outsider artist Keijo has moved away from the droning electronics and throat singing that first entranced the freak music scene and let his love of the blues come to the fore. To the untrained ear the resulting records will still no doubt sound very psychedelic and avant garde, guitar and vocals are right up front but the structures and backing instrumentation remain highly abstract. It is Keijo’s voice that most captivates on these recent recordings, singing predominantly in a broken and improvised form of English he tells stories of light and dark with an honesty that hooks one through the heart. His vocal delivery is highly idiosyncratic, nobody sounds quite like him. The easiest comparisons to Keijo for the uninitiated would be to point to Daniel Johnston and Jandek, but Keijo is as different from them as they are from each other. He is one of a kind. Paint All Blue is an embaressment of riches, 95 minutes of music over spread over 3 different formats. This download is one component of a limited release of 50 copies that features a 10” lathecut record packaged with a separate 50min CDR and this download card (a digital version of the 10" with an additional 35 mins of material). For more information and to order a physical copy (including the 50min cdr not uploaded here) please visit"

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