Reissue of great improv document from Keijo/The Free Players/Uton/Stellar OM Source. Originally released by Foxglove label, 2007.

Keijo: "It is a bit "confused" album… As i remember — maybe not correctly — that there were not many "themes" or recurring "threads" in those tracks, but what i do remember very vividly, it was very intense doing those tracks — and sadly my poor minidisk was located in such a way that it did not take the whole richness of the room's soundworld. Later we had a houseparty there and boys put the minidisk on the ceiling from where it fell down just before the best 45 min free jazz/drone/rhythm 'n blues jam.. Those sessions were well crowded. It was our European tour of 2006. We played in Stockholm, Copenhagen, then several places in Holland an Belgium and then on the way in Sweden again — but the album is collected only from tracks recorded one day in Den Haag where we stayed in a big house, a former police-department, then a school, then abandoned, and then finally a squat."

Foxglove: "All hail this new supergroup of Finnish mystics. The Magick Travelling Backpack Band is no longer showering, but is bathing with rocks and grime all over Western Europe. They've been booted out of that magic forest that burned down years ago, anyway. So who are these moaning, droning superstars? The Backpack Band on this go around is Keijo, Uton, J. Koho & Tiitus (of Vapaa, The Free Players, Kulkija, etc), & Christelle Gualdi. And it's Gualdi who keeps things in check. While the finns do their best to muck everything up, spilling buckets of psychedelic mud skronk and painting the windows and walls as black as coal, Gualdi's crystalline voice calms everything down. Sizzle."

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