an unremarkable ascent made holy by
proliferation of refuse
scattered detritus
feeble hollows and garbage burrows.
a moaning foaming tremble of meat
free movements of hand to eye to mouth to spine
flower of decay is brother bacteria
guitars wheel the split bakery truck overturned
loaves fissures the grey stone of street
birds pick and assemble noise
shapes bleeding the sky becomes an envelope
growing mountains of garbage
nothing closer than death
is furtherest from truth


True psychedelic return of Mike Donnelly's alter-ego. Trippy and fierce, as it's best. For golden ears there are lossless downloads via label's Bamndcamp. Also be sure u checked Mike's home for all his numerous projects named Hashramofficial site (catalog, buy links) + Bandcamp (downloads). Gone but not forgotten Music Your Mind Will Love You's FMA downloads should be mentioned too.

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