I'm not really sure this post will work here for good as the tour promo, but at least it could reveal to someone the new name from Russian underground scene, so — here go Post-Materialists, a bunch of Moscow-based no-fi weirdos, devoted psychos and (un)official delirium distributors:

"It's hard to know without asking anything about this band: Do they want you to like this, or are they in the Sir Richard Bishop School Of Not Giving A Fuck?" (Impose Magazine)

"Sergey Efremov are definitely folks to keep our ears and fish-eyes on!" (KFJC FM, California, USA)

Recent Ukrainian tour celebrates 4 years of band's activity. Dates and all related info on venues/pricing/etc available at PM's blogger page. Some more stories to dig (in Russian) — at AntiGorod.

Links to dive into the post-materialism:

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