New zealander Antony Milton and Finland-born Jani Hirvonen (a.k.a. Uton) are 2 significant figures of the contemporary experimental/drone scene. Both are running their own great labels, PseudoArcana and Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam. They did their collab music via the internet in 2004-2007, filling the thousand-kilometer gap with a will to create something new. Could be considered as a transcontinental yin-yang sonic unity, naturally borderless and artistically magnetic.

Originally released on CDr by Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2004.

Originally released on LP by late Release The Bats, 2008.

"Finland and New Zealand. Two strange little countries at the outer reaches of the globe. Both somehow conducive to eccentric home recording hermits seeking to share their day dream reveries with the masses in the bloated countries of the world. I’d been trading with Jani for a couple of years, we both had our own small record labels. I liked his music and he liked mine — it was a somehow natural idea that we collaborate.
That said the NTHnthSTHsth project developed and evolved over a surprisingly long period. This was mainly because it all happened in the days of dial up internet and slow data transfer, the recordings were realised by posting 4trk tapes to each other to overdub, small packages travelling by ship or plane from one end of the world to the other. At one stage there was an especially long delay when I lost a package of tapes and only found it again when moving house.
Campbell Kneale released our first album on his Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label. A track appeared on the PseudoArcana compilation ‘Tone of the Universe’. Our second album came out as an LP on Release the Bats. Jani recently found a forgotten unreleased track and this will be released alongside a new track on an upcoming PseudoArcana lathe cut.
Maybe one day Jani and I will finally meet in person and record together in a room. This is an exciting day dream for me."

Antony Milton, December 2012

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