"Sindre Bjerga's music, in some ways, including even the typical live set duration, is akin to cleaning your bedroom or washing your dishes — the day-to-day stuff that encourages a viscous or apathetic type of introspection — and he has a practice of staring deep into these states that is both matter-of-factish and voodoo, opening and re-opening unheeded continuums of Huuuumdruum inside the humdrum. There should be a Bjerga release for every new day!"

Recorded live @ Dienstbar event, 91m2 Gallery, Berlin, Germany, March 11th, 2011.

Sindre: "This track is a recording from a Dienstbar event, held at an ad-hoc venue called the 91m2 gallery in a former run-down brewery in Friedrichshain in Berlin. I remember that the music between the sets were way louder than the concerts, which I found to be a bit weird..."

Recorded live @ FSK Studio, Hamburg, Germany, February 22nd, 2012.

Sindre: "This track was recorded at a TTTT Noise cafe event held in the lobby of the independant FSK radio station. The lobby doubles as a small venue. For some reason that is unclear to me now, I set up my gear under the table and sat there for the whole set..."

Both artworks by Jani Hirvonen.

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