0011011001111000 [2013] ⌨ (SELF-RELEASE)

Release notes: "The debut of 0011011001111000 (phonetically pronounced [siks'ecks]) titled contains 8 tracks ranging from harsh glitchy noise collage to haunting ambient soundscape. It's comprised of a menagerie of samples from archival interviews, vintage porno, classic commercials, old soundbytes, and other sources — deconstructed and decimated through progressive entropy. Best experienced alone with headphones at high volume in the dark."

Companion video pieces have been created for each individual track on this release. They can be viewed via project's YouTube profile.

⌨ can be downloaded for free from the embedded player above. Also available is a hand-numbered CD/DVD + signed art print package for $8. The DVD contains a fully immersive experience with additional material found nowhere else. This package is limited to only 10 copies.

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