NO GURU [2013] WHNZ​:​58​:​LAAL

We have No Guru! In fact, it was Australian underground music scene that made my current days. It's quite big, hyperactive and extremely great in it's approach to the core of the Sound. From those days when Music Your Mind Will Love You's tunes have broke into my speakers i never lose interest to the sounds from the crew.
Current story (originally titled "Inala Allah", co-released with Joel's Cyprus Hillsong label) came from Joel Stern and folks of 6majik9/Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood/The Lost Domain/Sky Needle/Greg Boring/Mad Nanna's fame…

"Horns and birds, untunes and slides // Weird thunders and voices of freak-ins and freakouts, raw and solid sound.
Dramatic growing potential difference between almost unsynchronized parallel layers of mental flows.
Sometimes it's hard to recognize whether it was acoustic, electronic or field recording // The edge being already thin now is of negative thickness // But the thing is not much about it.. Bluesman's trip on acid retreat // Ritual gamelan orchestra dark meditation // Cosmic music for all dimensions of observable Universe sector."
Stanislav Bobrytskyy

For more English words about the Nogurism check this Volcanic Tongue's review on their Hashramic "There’s No Guru" LP.

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