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MBFL ( which is for "Music For Biomechanical Listening" is the compilation of brand new and old unreleased solo recordings of Ukrainian Kyiv-based versatile keyboard smasher Stanislav Bobritskyy.

Stas himself about this work: "Listening is a kind of biomechanics: we are strictly bound to music components' associative nature and we used to respond in algorithmic way. Playing as storytelling also tends to get into a potential pitfalls of recognizability. Today, one can't play music which has no associations with listener's past experience. In other words, telling a real Brand New Story becomes totally impossible, while an endless combining of old ones is not a way out. The only thing we can change is a contexts system, which has to be destroyed both by musician and audience while music is played. Fast context switching is a moment when we have nothing predefined for what to do or what to play and how to perceive. The moment when we belong to ourselves. That's why these pieces have varying key, tempo, acoustic structure and plot development."

More Stas' beaver wilderness available at his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages.

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