KEIJO [2014] KEEP YOUR EYE ON (MAKRAME) + more news from the MAN

News are-a coming from up North — couple of links and tunes from Keijo Virtanen are here to keep those who into it informed that the story is rolling on… As it should. As i love to see/hear it.
Definitely amazing Basque label Makrame (check it now!) released new volume of Keijo’s “blue wanderings”. Man’s ability to catch and keep is undeniable. His music was, is and will be the purest psychedelic blues at it’s best, free and full of space that worth to be discovered and later on — travelled. Each of his microcosmic notes are whole lotta universe, full of pains and hopes, losses and gainings. And it live and spread the assurance of all the correct things that are all around one.
Thank you, man!

Also there are some more things to pay attention to:

Rambling Boys have done their new step "Summer Day Fly Away" out too. Again via No Home label (i have to get these guys in my e-mail subscriptions since they're "rambling on and on"). Half year ago, if you’ll ask. Somehow i missed this album (can’t throw my arms over everything, so something is always below the horizon). Need to have my ears drowned in this whole release as well.

Also dudes appeared on last Jättömaa Wasteland fest:

And also here’s Keijo & Jukka live at Sorbus gallery late Dec 2013 (check the whole compilation for more interesting stuff):

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